[aprssig] Now that I have it, What do I do with it?

Michael Barnes barnmichael at gmail.com
Mon Nov 11 20:18:28 EST 2019

Finally got all the equipment, cleaned up, updated and working. I have
dedicated computer, radio, antenna, and TNC all set up. I am running Xastir
and monitoring 144.390 24/7 on a big screen. The screen shows many wondrous
things of which I have little idea of what I am looking at. I see a variety
of icons with callsigns. Things like cars and houses are easy (I think).
But the stars, diamonds, and a myriad of things to small to figure out
escape me. Many of the icons have cryptic names that make no sense to me. A
bunch of icons have what looks like weather data, but the fonts are a weird
yellow on black and very tiny. There are lots of tracks that show up and
disappear. Some are dotted, some are dashed, some are solid and they are in
a whole variety of colors. Some of the lines have icons associated with
them, but most do not.

So, great. I am on APRS. Now what?

Confused (as usual),
Michael WA7SKG
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