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Joe Bennett aprs at ka3nam.com
Wed May 1 15:27:52 EDT 2019

OK, I see where you are going... I was going to ask about if.39 was already clogged, how will this help, but you are not interested intraffic leaving the fest location, just digipeating the fest participants and letting FM physics do the rest... Heck this could be set up with a mobile in a parking lot... Hopefully on its own battery... It would need to be coordinated though as you don't want multiple people digipeating :)

-- Joe 

May 1, 2019, 2:10 PM by bruninga at usna.edu:

> Actully, very few people lieave their APRS running in their car in the parking lot once they arrive.  And when they are going to and from is also when others do want to see them.
> The split 144.39/.99 digi at Dayton will ONLY hear the people walking around with their HT's because they are the only ones that will shift to the +600 offset.  And when their packet is heard byt the digi *without* all the other Dayton and statewide packets, their probability of getting digipeated will be many times better.  Then the output of the digi  being no more than a few hundred feet from everyone at Dayton will capture every'es receiver so those packets will get more likely to be heard too.
> So it is a win/win all around,  AND everyone can still see everything else going on.
> We did it for a running event we have and the persons that went with the +600 split for their transmit scored 300% better success.
> Bob, WB4APR

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