[aprssig] Tesla Field Day mode (versus the rules)

Nick Waterman tapr at noseynick.com
Fri Mar 1 20:02:20 EST 2019

Robert Bruninga wrote:
> As to power, it looks like operating at more than 150 Watts divides all
> scores in half, and so generally  it is unlikely that many stations haul
> out kW linears to Field.

That might explain why our score went UP in the last few years despite 
(or presumably BECAUSE OF) losing a kilowatt station. He used to score a 
lot more than any of the rest of us, but not more than the rest of us 
ALL ADDED TOGETHER   :-D   - we also lost one of the main sources of 
cross-band splatter of course!

> A plugin hybrid with 20 times the battery capacity has been demonstrated
> to run a poertable operation for 6 hours and still only used half the
> battery capacity without an engine start.

Yeah Pat's Outlander was 17hrs to use 80%, at which point the 
engine/generator kicks in for about 20 mins to recharge it. Didn't last 
the whole weekend though.

> So it looks like this topic is worthy of a closer look to all the details
> and nuances against the variety of rules to optimize the solution.

We're one of those "have fun" FDs rather than point-pinching. It was fun 
to prove we COULD operate at least 2 stations and a shelter for 17hrs on 
a PHEV battery alone, and an estimated 10 days on a PHEV with a full 
tank of gas.

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