[aprssig] Appalachian Golden Packet event needs NOVA operator

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Tue Jul 16 15:59:18 EDT 2019

For the annual Appalachian Golden Packet event this Saturday, we still
need someone with a D700 or D710 to drive up to the Hawksbill Observation
point and provide a very critical digipeater in the 4 hour event.  (Maine
to Ga APRS packet exchange).

This site is East of Harrisonburg on I-81 and SW of Manassas, VA.  See:
Actually, we have a volunteer but he does not have a D700 or D710 radio to
be the digipeater (both 1200 and 9600 baud).

It's a 4 hour event form 1100 on Saturday until we make the link or no
later than 1500.
Bob, Wb4aPR

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