[aprssig] Digi Hops to Gate

Matthew Chambers mchambers at mchambersradio.com
Mon Dec 23 15:22:51 EST 2019

In theory how many hops should a packet with *ideal* coverage and
digi/igate setups need to find an igate?

I have my tracker set with proportional pathing thinking I'd be helping
with traffic congestion if that were ever a problem here. But only the
packets with Wide1-1,Wide2-2 paths ever find an igate and I only know 1 or
2 of the hops since it appears that most of the digis here are not
inserting their callsign into the path along the way. I'm in Central
Missouri and packets have to go to Louisburg KS or Edwardsville IL before
they get to an igate which means it looks on APRS.fi like I'm driving as
the crow flys to the post office and walmart even though i'm certain I made
some hundred or so turns along the way. I'm contemplating turning off
proportional pathing to see if that makes a difference, and would more
igates make a difference?

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