[aprssig] Thinking about YAAC

wa7skg wa7skg at wa7skg.com
Mon Dec 9 14:56:00 EST 2019

Well, the Kenwood port was a bit unsuccessful. I can't change port 
types, I have to delete and create a new one. So, I deleted the 
Serial_TNC port and created a Kenwood port. Still no received data 
displayed. I tried to go back and check the TEST PORT to see if data was 
coming through, but as soon as I click on the Kenwood port in the port 
list, the program locks up. I have to go into a terminal and kill the 
process. Now I cannot delete the Kenwood port without crashing YAAC.

I looked at the RAM chips and the numbers on them do not come up in any 
cross reference or data sheets. However, I did find some references that 
  said if there were two chips it was 8K and if there was only one chip 
it was 32K. Since there are two chips, I am assuming 8K, so I ordered 
the 32K upgrade along with the firmware upgrade from TAPR.

Please be sure to announce the new groups.io forum here when it is set 
up so folks can sign up. Groups.io changed their policies a little while 
ago when Yahoo started falling apart. They used to have a great free 
transition tool that moved files, members, etc. from Yahoo to groups.io. 
Now, that tool does not work as well and they charge a lot for it. 
Easier to just ask everyone to resubscribe to the new list. Weeds out 
all those people who subscribed and never came back.

Good luck with the lights.

Michael WA7SKG

spam8mybrain wrote on 12/9/19 5:58 AM:
> Regarding your data receive issues with the MFJ-1274, you might try 
> using the Kenwood port type in YAAC instead of the Serial_TNC port type. 
> That receives traffic in the TNC2-compatible command mode, but can't 
> transmit (because the Kenwood D700/D710 won't accept computer packets in 
> APRS mode rather than raw packet mode). At least that will tide you over 
> until you can get the new (?) EPROMs for your 1274.
> Re: RAM size: look for the chip part number on the RAM ICs, look them up 
> in a databook, and divide the sum of the chip sizes by 8. That will tell 
> you the RAM size of your 1274.
> Re: the Yahoo group for YAAC: I am planning to move to groups.io this 
> week. Would have done it earlier, but the XYL wanted the house prepared 
> for holiday guests. Now to find out how much RFI comes from LED 
> Christmas lights....
> Andrew, KA2DDO
> author of YAAC
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> Date: 12/9/19 01:54 (GMT-05:00)
> To: Greg D <ko6th.greg at gmail.com>, aprssig at lists.tapr.org
> Subject: Re: [aprssig] Thinking about YAAC
> For mobile use I will be using an RPi 3B+ with a TNC-Pi, so I won't need
> Direwolf in that application. The TNC-Pi will provide an adequate
> interface between the radio and computer.
> For the base, I have a Linux desktop computer running Mint currently
> connected to an MFJ-1274 (MFJ-1270B with tuning indicator) to the radio.
> If I were to use Direwolf on the base, I would need to add a soundcard
> and homebrew some kind of interface for the PTT as well as fabricate new
> cables. Right now, I have a very simple configuration with a single
> serial cable going to the TNC and a single cable going from the TNC to
> the radio and it all works very well. At least with Xastir. With YAAC,
> however, I get nothing displaying on the map. In the configuration
> window for the interface where it has the TEST PORT button, I see plenty
> of data coming in from the TNC. Just nothing displays on the map or in
> the RAW DATA window.
> Michael WA7SKG

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