[aprssig] Thinking about YAAC

Greg D ko6th.greg at gmail.com
Mon Dec 9 14:23:40 EST 2019

Hi Michael,

Sounds like a good plan for the car.  It's essentially what I did, but
without having to wire up a bunch of little parts.

For the desktop, another approach might be to try the APRSIS32
application (http://aprsisce.wikidot.com/), if even on a temporary
basis.  It's a Windows app, but works very well under Wine.  I use it on
my OpenSuSE desktop PC with an MFJ-1278 TNC.  Again, with your TNC not
having access to KISS mode, you'd need to experiment with the port type,
but I expect that APRSIS32 has one that could work.  Do follow the
instructions under Documentation on upgrading to the "Development

Good luck!

Greg  KO6TH

wa7skg wrote:
> For mobile use I will be using an RPi 3B+ with a TNC-Pi, so I won't
> need Direwolf in that application. The TNC-Pi will provide an adequate
> interface between the radio and computer.
> For the base, I have a Linux desktop computer running Mint currently
> connected to an MFJ-1274 (MFJ-1270B with tuning indicator) to the
> radio. If I were to use Direwolf on the base, I would need to add a
> soundcard and homebrew some kind of interface for the PTT as well as
> fabricate new cables. Right now, I have a very simple configuration
> with a single serial cable going to the TNC and a single cable going
> from the TNC to the radio and it all works very well. At least with
> Xastir. With YAAC, however, I get nothing displaying on the map. In
> the configuration window for the interface where it has the TEST PORT
> button, I see plenty of data coming in from the TNC. Just nothing
> displays on the map or in the RAW DATA window.
> Michael WA7SKG
> Greg D wrote on 12/8/19 10:06 PM:
>> I'm running YAAC and Direwolf on a Raspberry Pi 3B in my car.  Works
>> pretty well, though with the Pi tethered to my Smartphone along with the
>> RF link there seem to be some combinations of Digipeating, iGating, and
>> messaging that don't seem to work quite right.  Messages didn't get
>> delivered in one direction, and I've never figured out what to do about
>> it.  If you're all RF, it works great.
>> As Stephen noted, the sound card TNCs work really well, and the Pi's
>> GPIO pins make the PTT function easy to implement (no need for VOX).
>> Just be careful about the voltage levels so you don't damage the Pi.  A
>> 1-transistor buffer is usually required.
>> Good luck,
>> Greg  KO6TH
>> wa7skg wrote:
>>> I'm looking at alternatives to Xastir for an APRS client and ran
>>> across YAAC. The only mailing list I found was for Alpha testers on
>>> Yahoo groups. Of course Yahoo groups is a dying animal, so I thought
>>> I'd try here.
>>> My first issue in setting up YAAC is with my hardware. I have an old
>>> original MFJ-1274(NO suffix) TNC2 clone. It does not do KISS, so I'm
>>> wondering if it will work with YAAC. Still looking for up to date
>>> documentation.
>>> After setting this up on my base, I am planning to use it mobile with
>>> an RPi and TNC-Pi.
>>> Looking for any comments, experiences, etc.
>>> tnx es 73,
>>> Michael WA7SKG

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