[aprssig] de kd5njr re DOS version of APRS

R Kirk isobar at verizon.net
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Yes, it can work. Years ago I ran APRS DOS on an HPLX  as a 'what if' project as a car mobile system. Forgotten the details but it's pretty straightforward. You do need a second COMM port so I used a COMM port card in the PCMCIA slot.Bob N3OZB

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Lets forward this to the APRSSIG?

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Hi Bob, Got a moment for an OLD question ? Friend of mine and myself have come across the old DOS HP95LX palmtop computers.  The ones that run of AA batteries. Grayscale screen.  Resolution is kinda like CGA ( displaying ¼ of the screen at once, as I recall ) .

We also have a later version that doesn’t have such a kludgey screen.   Do you remember anyone running ARPS on them ?

I’m sure folks talked to TNCs with them ( packet) .  They have a nice terminal emulator that I use to talk to my laptop no problem.
But I was curious about APRS. 73ScottKd5njr  
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