[aprssig] APRS on 70CM using a hundred "free" UHF radios (Robert Bruninga)

Ross Whenmouth ross at topwire.co.nz
Mon Sep 24 14:47:34 EDT 2018

The VRM650 is an RD-LAP machine, configured ex-factory for either 9.6 or 
19.2 kbps (12.5 or 25 kHz channelisation respectively).
I don't know enough about RD-LAP, but presumably, you will be able to 
encapsulate AX.25 packets inside of RD-LAP packets?

If the amateur community gets enough of these radios to make it worth 
while, it is probably within the realms of feasibility (with 
considerable effort) to reverse engineer the VRM650 and write a "ham" 
firmware for it "from scratch" which speaks AX.25 (and doesn't have 
copyright issues with Motorola service software)

Ross Whenmouth ZL2WRW

> Apparently the Motorola VRM650 UHF data radio should be available for 
> almost free by the hundreds.
> These are Motorola VRM650 modems which I think are a 40 Watt MCS2000 
> radio with a different faceplate and only a DB9 rs232 port.

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