[aprssig] D72 Packet mode Senior Moment?

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Tue Sep 18 11:32:43 EDT 2018

I'm having a brain f@$t!

Im using a D72 in packet mode transmitting from the basement to via
another D72 as a TEMP1-1 digi above ground into the APRS WIDEn-N network.

Everything works, using the path through the D72 as TEMP1-1,WIDE2-2, but
the SENDING D72 in PACKET mode does not EVER see its own digipeated

Have I forgotten something?
Every possible monitor is ON in the sending D72.  MON, MALL, MCON, MCOM,

And this sending D72 can see all other traffic on channel, but it just
will not display its own digipeated packets.

Lost an entire class trying to troubleshoot in real time.


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