[aprssig] APRSPoint with MapPoint 2004 Media

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That's awesome.  You rock, Andrew.

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> This is specifically why, when I started writing YAAC ("Yet Another APRS
> Client") in 2011, I decided to use OpenStreetMap data with my own offline
> renderer and refused to add Google Maps support. YAAC was designed assuming
> it would used in the field where Internet service would not be available.
> Yeah, my maps aren't quite as pretty as those generated by Internet
> service providers with petabytes of storage and teraflops of processing
> power for pre-rendering (though I am working on it), but they can run on a
> Raspberry Pi with no Internet service. And they can be updated within 48
> hours of the latest snapshot release by the OpenStreetMap Foundation. And I
> have submitted map improvements for some of the public service events I
> have worked.
> Andrew, KA2DDO
> author of YAAC
> http://www.ka2ddo.org/ka2ddo/YAAC.html
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> [ALL of the  locally-stored  independent-of-the-Internet  mapping packages
>> (Delorme Street Atlas, Delorme TopoUSA, MapPoint and Microsoft MapPoint
>> fell victim to the smartphone foolishness of assuming you can be constantly
>> tethered to the Internet and only need Google Maps. --  They were all
>> discontinued In the same period of about 18 months. As you well know in PR,
>> you CAN'T depend on the Internet always being there.   Not to mention the
>> hundreds of thousands of square miles of  western North America that have
>> NO CELL COVERAGE AT ALL, even without a hurricane.]
> A number of modern APRS software packages support OpenStreetMap
> <https://www.openstreetmap.org/> (OSM) offline maps.
> FWIW, the amateur radio community, APRS users, and the infrastructure we
> support, are uniquely positioned to provide data to contribute to and
> enhance OSM.  Even if you cannot go to the areas affected, you can support
> the relief and response missions by ensuring the OSM maps are kept
> up-to-date.  Maps require constant maintenance and updates.  Today,
> maintenance of those maps can be performed by the people and groups
> supporting the primary disaster response mission.  The public now has
> direct (and recent) satellite imagery to work from.  And the APRS community
> has lots of relevant and detailed GPS data available.
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