[aprssig] A short little APRS story - and sob story

Greg Troxel gdt at lexort.com
Sat May 5 15:11:16 EDT 2018

"Fred Hillhouse" <fmhillhouse at comcast.net> writes:

[sort of OT, but I think OSM is a great fit for APRS due to the ability
to use it offline]

> Data is added continually. I have read about speed limits, etc. I
> don't think I have actually noticed any in my area of New England.

In Massachusetts, roads were imported from MassGIS, and mostly are
labeled correctly with speed limits.  I see them on my phone with
OsmAnd, but I am not sure if they get translated into garmin format with

You are correct that road data, other than MA, is from Census Bureau

> As an aside, if any readers work for an agency that has data and it is
> in the public domain (or could be put there), please check the
> list. Consider helping to add it to the overall data set. I don't know
> the mechanism to make that happen but someone on an OSM list can
> probably help.

Imports are complicated, but the best thing for people with data to do
is to publish the data under a license that permits inclusion.

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