[aprssig] A short little APRS story - and sob story

Georg Lukas georg at op-co.de
Tue May 1 05:23:37 EDT 2018

Hey Charles,

* Charles Doughtie <n5exy at yahoo.com> [2018-05-01 05:08]:
> I am using Kenwood D700 with NUVI 350 in three vehicles. The NUVIs
> maps are no longer easily updatable and I don't think the AvMap units
> are available any more. Does anyone know a cheap relacement for the
> NUVI? Remember, I said three. New D710s, etc., for all vehicles will
> kinda blow the budget.

You could use phased out Android phones with the OSM build of APRSdroid,
to feed the phone's GPS into the D7x0 and to display APRS stations on
the APRSdroid map:

1. https://aprsdroid.org/kenwood/
2. https://aprsdroid.org/osm/

There is no up-to-date OSM map of the whole of the US of A, but there
are regional maps you can get from

Georg (doing a shameless plug of his app)
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