[aprssig] 60-Meters APRS "Mini-Tests" This Weekend

Stephen H. Smith wa8lmf2 at aol.com
Fri Jun 15 13:56:45 EDT 2018

This coming weekend (16-17 June 2018) will be a "double-header" ham fest 
weekend in Michigan.

On Saturday 16 June, I will be traveling to Midland Michigan (about 65 
Miles/105Km nearly due north of my home QTH).  I will depart about 0500 EDT 
(0900 UTC) for this event that runs Saturday morning through around noon local.

Then on Sunday 17 June, I will be traveling to Monroe, Michigan (about 75 
miles/120KM to the southeast in far southeastern Michigan, midway between 
Detroit, MI and Toledo, Ohio. Again, I will depart around 0500 local EDT.  This 
event, (which is far larger than Midland since it draws from the Detroit metro 
area and all of northwestern Ohio), usually breaks up around 1400 hrs local.

On both outings, I will be running test beacons on 60 meters APRS.   As before, 
the setup will be:

  * *5403.50 KHz USB* (US 60-meter "channel 5")
  * *WA8LMF-6*  beacon on standard *300-baud AX.25* packet APRS on 1600/1800 Hz
  * *WA8LMF-66* beacon on APRS Messenger *MFSK16 APRS* on 2100 Hz center tone.

I will have my home igate/mapping UI-Webserver running.   Goto


and click on the black "Special Events Webserver" link.


Stephen H. Smith    wa8lmf (at) aol.com
Skype:        WA8LMF
EchoLink:  Node #  14400  [Think bottom of the 2-meter band]
Home Page:          http://wa8lmf.net

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