[aprssig] August Perseids Meteor Scatter (APRS)

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Fri Jul 20 09:01:11 EDT 2018

 August Perseids Meteor Scatter (APRS)

For APRS ops with a beam:

This month's QST has a page on the upcoming Perseids meteor shower (Aug

A beam pointed at a high density APRS area about 500 to 900 miles or so
away will likely capture overnight some DX packets from just conventional
activity on 144.39 MHz  Those in rural or low density traffic areas will
have the best chance, since the local 144.39 activity will have lots of
gaps in which to hear possible MS packets from afar.

High density APRS areas in the USA to point at with your beam are the
Northwest, SoCal, Midwest(Chicago), Florida, the NorthEast, Atlanta and

Last time we did this was in 1998 and 18 people reported capturing DX APRS

packets: *http://aprs.org/APRS-docs/LEONIDS.TX**T*

You don't have to do anything but point your beam, and in the morning,
check  your APRS radio's heard LIST to see if you captured any DX packets.

Here is the original APRS docs on Meteor Scatter:

*http://aprs.org/meteorsB4.htm**l* <http://aprs.org/meteorsB4.html>

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