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Steve Dimse steve at dimse.com
Wed Jul 18 04:37:34 EDT 2018

> Is it just here in Reno that we can't use APRS.FI to see the map?

I see a map but it greys out with a tiled message saying "for development purposes only". It seems to work - just hard to read.

Hessu will need to answer specifics for aprs.fi, but for those that aren't aware Google instituted a huge change in the way it handles Google Maps API effective July 16.

A previously simple and generous billing system that only affected high volume users has become much more expensive and affects almost everyone. They give a $200 a month credit to cover low volume users, but the dividing line for free was definitely shifted in their favor. There are more line items on the rate card, it uses different metrics and terminology, and seems to be geared at making more money for Google.

The scary thing for me is you must link it to a credit card. Previously my account deducted from Google Ads income, but now I'm on the hook for whatever they choose to bill. I've set a limit which I hope Google will respect, but the expense appears to be about 10x as much as previously, which would greatly exceed the ad revenue I had been getting. I've been collecting donations to replace my aging server and pay for hosting, but that won't cover this rate hike if it is as bad as it says.

I was very happy most of the ham traffic went to aprs.fi's better interface so I could focus on serving CWOP, which continues to grow at a fast rate. I hope the ham traffic doesn't come back to findU, because I can't afford it.

Once I see the first bill early August I'll have an idea if I can live with it or need to research the alternatives (but they are probably becoming overloaded by all the others who had to switch). Until then my fingers are crossed. I made a promise to myself when I retired that findU would pay for itself. I need to keep that promise!

Bad times for mapping apps...

Steve K4HG

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