[aprssig] Announcing the release of Xastir version 2.1.0

Tom Russo russo at bogodyn.org
Sun Feb 11 21:19:59 EST 2018

[Posted initially to the Xastir mailing list and APRSSIG --- please feel
 free to redistribute to other APRS fora as appropriate]

The Xastir team has just released version 2.1.0 of the Xastir APRS client,
its first release since moving the project from SourceForge to Github in
July of 2016.

This is primarily a maintenance release, but contains a few notable 
user-contributed updates that users of the live git repository have been
enjoying for some time:

- Added support for IPv6 in both Xastir server code and APRS-IS connection code.

- Added "wxnowsrv.pl" script to support feeding Xastir weather data via the 
  WXNOW.TXT mechanism.

- Fixed compressed weather alert handling.

- Added correct dbfawk files for most recent NWS shapefiles for accurate
  weather alert highlighting.

- Added a few on line maps from geograits.gc.ca.

- Fixed area computation of CAD objects.

- Added support for proportional fonts in map labels.

- New scripts added to support feeding ADS-B and AIS data into Xastir.

- Many old GEO files for online maps stopped working when servers they 
  referenced were taken down. Most of these have been removed. If you find 
  other .geos that don't work, please report this on the Xastir mailing list.

- Added new fosm OpenStreetmaps tile server GEO.

Xastir releases may be downloaded in source form at 
The latest release may always be found at

Instructions for building Xastir from source are available on the Xastir wiki
at http://xastir.org/ under the "Installation Notes" section.

Links to the Xastir mailing list may be found on the Xastir wiki, should you 
wish to subscribe.

Binary packages for various distributions of Linux are provided by other 
volunteer package maintainers, and this new release may take some time to 
propagate to your favorite distribution.  If you are a package maintainer for
Xastir, you should note that you will need to update your package building
process to point at the new download location at Github instead of SourceForge.
[This information previously posted to the Xastir mailing list, but since this
email is getting wider distribution, I'm repeating it.]

Share and enjoy.

Tom Russo    KM5VY
Tijeras, NM  

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