[aprssig] Mobile Power Output

J T w0jrt at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 5 00:58:17 EST 2018

The transmitter being used for APRS will cause desensitization in the receivers of other radios operating on or near that band, but only during the periods when the APRS transmitter is actually transmitting.  Properly configured, that's a period of less than one second every every three or so minutes.  In other words it can cause you to occasionally miss a word or two if your other radio happens to be receiving at that time.  It can be annoying when it happens, but I'd hardly say a one second drop every 180 seconds would mean it's unusable.

As for transmitter power, that probably depends more on how busy the APRS frequency is in your area along with the density and antenna heights of the digipeaters.  It should work to some extent at 5 watts, but will probably work better with a bit more power.

-Jerome, W0JRT

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 Subject: [aprssig] Mobile Power Output
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He said I will need a minimum of 50
 watts and the frequent transmissions will pretty much
 eliminate the possibility of other 2 meter operations while
 I have the APRS running. This news is certainly
 So, is the need for 50 watts realistic? I do live in a
 rural area, but other 2 meter use seems to get by quite well
 with handheld radios.

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