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We are under attack from those who would *misinform* those who have little
knowledge of the work we are doing in the data transfer community. The
attack is not specifically regarding Winlink, but all ARQ protocols that we
use.  Scare tactics are effective regardless of their connection to
reality, and this is what is being done by our opposition, without any
semblance to reality.

ARSFI has responded with as much truth as we can muster, including
technical and non-technical accusations that are aimed at ridding the US
ham bands of current enabling digital technologies.  The Winlink
Development Team through the ARSFI has done its best to provide accurate
information. What is needed now is either a strong endorsement of our
position, or something of your own making.

PLEASE, at a minimum, sign in and at least endorse our ARSFI response. When
reading the material, remember that the NPRM and resulting Docket only
address the 300 baud symbol rate rule within the United States. However,
much of our response was written for the purpose of getting rid of the
inaccuracies that appear from those who oppose the deletion of the symbol
rate rule, and anything else dealing with ARQ protocols.

You can click on https://winlink.org/FCC_Action to read Mr Rapport's
letters and our response to become informed.   Click here
https://winlink.org/content/ECFS to learn how to file a comment.

Click here
actually file a comment.   There are plenty of good examples and it is not
difficult to do.   We need a large showing of support, and time is limited.

Thanks for your consideration,

Steve, K4CJX

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