[aprssig] SatReporter Hacked once Again

. groups.0acf at headquarters.earth
Fri Sep 8 12:10:21 EDT 2017

Sadly, you have to put the berater in the kill file also, as every berating response quotes/cites the original message, along with a wall of response counterattack.

Maybe the list moderator can help.


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Subject: Re: [aprssig] SatReporter Hacked once Again
From: Peter Laws N5UWY <n5uwy at arrl.net>
To: Sam Lachance <slachance at gmail.com>
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Hear, hear!  I've only been here a short time and was tolerant of his nonsense right up to the security clearance fantasy ... then it was into the killfile. Feed the trolls and they just get louder.  Always been that way.

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