[aprssig] SatReporter Hacked once Again

Brett Friermood brett.friermood at gmail.com
Fri Sep 8 09:32:11 EDT 2017

Personally I can deal with the entry level or easily googled answers.
Generally it is a 5 second reply from one list member, and the remainder
can just ignore it however they see fit. Sometimes those types of questions
even trigger others to start new projects, come up with new ideas, or
improve an existing widget. Sure it's a waste of time and bandwidth, and is
doing someone else's work for them, but if my biggest problem of the day is
skipping over a pointless email from a hobby list, I'll take it. Can't
argue with Steve's history, though.

What really gets me is that Andrew apparently has some technical skill and
education, although to what level has never been clearly defined. Yet, his
"questions" are extremely hard to follow. Half the time I'm left trying to
figure out if he even had a question, or what he is asking. And that's
usually after wading through poor grammar and spelling that make YouTube
commenters look like scholars.

Brett KQ9N

On Thu, Sep 7, 2017 at 9:48 PM, Michael Barnes <barnmichael at gmail.com>

> I'll support Steve's remarks. Andrew is a persistent festering sore. From
> his attitude and actions, I would guess him to be about ten years old, but
> his post history belies that. Perhaps that is normal behavior for his part
> of the world, but not for the rest of us. He starts out with the most basic
> of questions that anyone should routinely know or can find the answer with
> a 15 second Google search (questions on the order of "Should I exhale every
> time I inhale?"), then suddenly morphs into a subject matter expert with
> high level education, advanced security clearances on special projects, and
> special relationships with government authorities. If anything takes him
> down a notch or two or makes him go away for a while, then it is worth the
> effort.
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