[aprssig] SatReporter Hacked once Again

steve at dimse.com steve at dimse.com
Thu Sep 7 21:36:46 EDT 2017

> On Sep 7, 2017, at 7:07 AM, Javier Henderson <javier at kjsl.org> wrote:
> Did you accomplish anything with that flame? What was the purpose of it? Do you know the circumstances of other people?
> Maybe reaching out off-list, rather than public shaming, with an offer to help, might be more productive all around.
I guess you don't know the history of Andrew. My dealings with him go back to at least 2003 (as far as my archives go, so probably longer). I have answered upwards of 300 questions of his over the years. Many of them more than once. I have written code for him in Perl, given him command line solutions, and much more. The problem may be myself and others were too generous, and he began treating the APRS SIG as his private Ask Jeeves. He also posts many things off-topic and just to let everyone know what he is working on, which is always at least 10 years behind the state of the art. Newcomers to APRS often do these things, but quickly progress to join the community. He has not progressed in all this time.

I sent him dozens of private emails trying to explain appropriate behavior to no avail. I know many others have done so as well. It did not help. So I began to do it publicly, gently at first but with increasing vigor. It did not help. So now I choose to ignore him on the borderline things, but to aggressively call him out when he is way over the line, like with this last secret agent message.

To answer your first question, did I accomplish anything? Time will tell. I can say previously when I got through to him (demonstrated by him calling me names) he has left the SIG for some period of time, a few months to over a year. If he does that this time then yes, I accomplished something.

Steve K4HG

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