[aprssig] Txt messaging

Greg D ko6th.greg at gmail.com
Fri Sep 1 19:53:01 EDT 2017

Javier Henderson wrote:
>> On Aug 31, 2017, at 17:59, Greg D <ko6th.greg at gmail.com> wrote:
>> So, drifting a bit further, a reminder:  Everyone needs to be very
>> careful in giving out APRS passcodes!  They are not there to annoy,
>> they're in place to protect our collective licenses.
> I think that cat has been out of the bag for entirely too long.
> 73,
> -jav k4jh

Yes, I understand.  But that doesn't mean we are free to be casual about
it and open the doors.  We need to keep up the self-policing vigilance
that underpins our licenses and our ability to transmit.  Every so often
there's a new request, broadcast to the 'BB, for a passcode.  And
inevitably some would-be good Samaritan points to one of these back
doors, often implying the requester is some kind of idiot for not
finding it themselves. That both robs the rest of us of the protection
the FCC requires, and robs the person asking the assistance they need to
properly engage with the hobby. 

It was just a reminder to not do that.

Greg  KO6TH

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