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I keep track of where my software is running by using a 'u' filter on my APRS-IS connection. That sends data from anybody in the world using the specified tocall (APJYC1 is the only tocall for YAAC, so my u-list is very short). This comes in useful when I'm pleading for help in doing translations of YAAC for non-English-language users (as in where are the most of those users? Currently a tossup between French, German, and Japanese, none of which I speak or write well enough to do the translations myself). So far, I only have a Russian translation that's a few years out of date (due to all the features added since the translation was done; I don't speak Russian either, so I can't update it).
To make looking for specific types of stations easier, YAAC has a filter capability that allows you to dice-and-slice your current "situational awareness" APRS dataset to look at selected subsets; one selection mechanism is by destination (tocall). Other APRS programs may or may not have equivalent features.

Re: you querying my development server: that instance of YAAC (KA2DDO with no SSID) is stopped right now while I work on another fix for the next build, so it wasn't running to answer your query. When it's up, it usually has a build number higher than currently available, because I'm testing the next build before release. You can tell by using the non-standard directed query ?VER (currently only supported by YAAC and the original implementing software APRSIS32).
Regarding SMSGTE and WHERE, those aren't generic common queries, but the network tactical callsigns of specific servers that handle specialized data queries. CQSRVR is another older network server "station" that depends on the APRS-IS and Tx I-gates to provide service.
Hope this helps explain all of this.
Andrew, KA2DDOauthor of YAAC

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> 3. The target station's APRS software or firmware actually implemented
> proper handling of the ?APRSP directed query.

> Andrew, KA2DDO
> author of YAAC (which does support ?APRSP)

This led to another interesting activity.   How to find, on the
APRS-IS - or better, on the air - what is the callsigns of the
stations running YAAC (or any other APRS client)?

I tried a ?APRSP to ka2ddo but no response...


Another interesting twist - how would a user query their local client?
  Sending a message to self?  Enter the query at the command line?
Probably varies on all the clients.


I found a nice list of queries at:


It's missing SMSGTE and WHERE but otherwise has enough to keep me busy
for a long time.


Bill, WA7NWP
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