[aprssig] Smart TX igate message routing?

Jess Haas km6gvw at jesshaas.com
Mon Mar 6 13:07:51 EST 2017

Where I am located in Southern California I can hit many digipeaters. For
home station beaconing setting a single one of them as my route seems to be
the way to go but for tx message igating I was thinking it may make more
sense if the outgoing path was the one that the station was last heard on.
Has anyone implemented anything like this?

For example the digipeater I have the strongest path to may not be able to
get a message to a station farther south but I can hear and hit a
digipeater rather far south that the station can hear easily. Also if I
have heard a station directly recently than I should have no problem
getting a message to them directly even if they have moved some with my
basestation antenna and possibly higher power so digipeating to the whole
area may be unnecessary.

Another advantage of this would be that a station that is in an RF hole
such as a valley that can't hear or hit a digipeater but has a path to
another station that can could set that station as a path and messages
would automatically be routed back to them.

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