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Ron ve1aic at yahoo.com
Sun Mar 5 13:46:00 EST 2017

Last year I tried to order a FC301V and finally received its replacement the FC-302V.Better built and works great for APRS, Packet, or Digital Voice (D-Star/DMR/Fusion) 9600b or better.
However it has 2 problems that the manufacture has been made aware of but as of yet not corrected.
1. Programming step is supposed to be 5Khz/6.25Khz but so far only 6.25Khz is implemented. Thus leaving many HAM radio channels out of luck..including 144.390 and 145.010.
2. Max TX Timeout is 60 seconds. OK for packet but not good for digital voice.

73, RonVE1AIC 

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  1. Barebones "Data Radio" (Brett Friermood)
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Hello All,

I see the Friendcom FC-301 data radios are no longer on the Argent Data
site. I have a project I could use them for and when I had looked at them
previously they seemed to be very capable radios for a reasonable price.
I'm also not able to find another credible source.

Does anyone know of a similar radio?Basically I'm looking for something a
little more hardened than an average amateur radio, ~5w output, VHF and UHF
models, easy external interface, and characteristics friendly to 9600bps

Brett KQ9N

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