[aprssig] The TS-590 Family Resources Page has moved

Ian_Wade_G3NRW g3nrw-radio at ntlworld.com
Wed Mar 1 03:41:53 EST 2017

The TS-590 Family Resources Page has moved

1 March 2017

Last summer I traded in my 5-year old TS-590S for an Icom IC-7300.
Last Friday I traded in the IC-7300 for a brand new TS-590SG.

There was nothing inherently wrong with the IC-7300 -- in many ways 
having everything in one box at a very low price filled my then need to 
declutter the shack, and it is possibly the best choice as an 
entry-level rig for people who haven't used an SDR before.

But I missed the large SDR display I used with the TS-590S (the IC-7300 
color display is very good, but tiny and cluttered). I missed the 
one-press buttons on the TS-590 panel (the IC-7300 has basically similar 
functions, but many settings require multiple menu selections). I missed 
the simple ways of remoteing the TS-590 (you have to buy special 
software for the IC-7300). And Icom's CAT programming is unbelievably 

Above all, the IC-7300 is basically a "closed" system. Everything you 
might need is inside the box, but you can't easily get at it. The TS-590 
on the other hand is wide open to all kinds of easy-to-implement 
hardware and software innovations.

Sure enough, people warned me about these things before I bought the 
IC-7300, but I had to try it. I'm cured now. The new TS-590SG is like a 
breath of fresh air -- I plugged in all the old cables I made up five 
years ago to connect the rig to the PC and the SDR-IQ, and inside a half 
hour I was cooking on gas!

The point, though, about this message is that last summer, thinking I 
would never buy another TS-590, I handed over the TS-590 Family 
Resources Page to Barry, ZS2EZ. Then, when I realized what was going to 
happen, I went back to Barry, cap in hand, and asked him if I could 
"have my site back". He graciously agreed. It goes without saying that I 
very much appreciate Barry's keeping the flag flying in the interim. 
Thank you sir!

So I am now pleased to announce that the TS-590 Family Resources Page is 
relocated to:

If you haven't seen it before, please take a look, and let me know what 
else you would like to see there.

FYI, www.g3nrw.net also hosts:
** Other Resources Pages (AIM4170 Antenna Analyzer, Wouxun KG-UV950PL)
** Band Utilization Charts (30m, UK 60m, 160m)
** The APRS v1.01 Specification
** A PDF file of the whole of my book "NOSintro -- TCP/IP over Packet 
      covering the configuration of the KA9Q Network Operating System (the
      forerunner of JNOS).

Ian, G3NRW
g3nrw at g3nrw.net

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