[aprssig] UZ7HO sound modem TCP port

steve at dimse.com steve at dimse.com
Fri Jul 28 00:12:50 EDT 2017

> On Jul 27, 2017, at 8:18 PM, Andrew Rich <vk4tec at internode.on.net> wrote:
> What do u want
> For me to shut up and disappear ?
> Would that make u happy 

I've told you, many, many times over the last eight years. What I want is for you to act in a manner appropriate to your years on the APRS SIG. It is certainly OK for people new to APRS to come on here and ask simple, easily answered questions. However you have been on this SIG at least since 2005, and clearly you have reasonable intelligence. Many years ago you should have transitioned from asking newbee questions to answering your own questions using Google, and even to answering other people's difficult questions. But at the very, very least, you need to stop asking questions a simple Google search can answer. 

A perfect example is your question today about filter strings. There is an excellent page describing the filtering options on www.aprs-is.net. Anyone who has used the APRS IS for more than a few weeks has visited that page, knows it is there, and can find it in 10 seconds with a Google search if they haven't bookmarked it. Even people that have never seen it will find it in 15 seconds by typing in "APRS Internet System filter strings", it is the very first result. 

Even if you type in the exact, somewhat incoherent message you sent to the sig "I have an igate running I just want to conform that the e/ filter is the one to use to show IGate traffic from a particular igate" this page is the very first answer. Had you typed this in to Google you would have gotten the result immediately instead of hours later. And you have been told EXACTLY this same thing dozens of times before by myself and others. So one can only draw the conclusion you do this because you have a pathologic need for attention. And that is NOT what the APRS SIG is for.

Steve K4HG

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