[aprssig] Amount of "padding" before and after data at 1200 baud

Alan wa4sca at gmail.com
Sat Jul 22 13:40:51 EDT 2017

Scott and Lynn,

Thanks for the answers and comments.  My primary use is digipeating through
the ISS and some other satellites, which seems to be a bit trickier than
normal APRS digis.  Empirically, something like 200 ms seems to work for the
actual signal, though you need to specify much longer TXDelay values to
account for the latency of the Flex I am using.  Likewise for TXTail, since
by the time the signal gets processed, the client software (Soundmodem or
Direwolf) has dropped the PTT otherwise.  

Is 100-200 ms a reasonable value for the "postamble" as well?



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