[aprssig] Pinging a digi?

Scott Miller scott at opentrac.org
Sun Jul 9 00:40:03 EDT 2017

You should be able to put the digi's own callsign in the first field of 
your path.  I can't guarantee that all digis will digipeat on their own 
call, and they may not do duplicate elimination, but I think most ought 
to respond.

Most will also do callsign insertion on a WIDEn-N alias, so you can see 
the path your packets took.  You can just mouse over your trail on 
aprs.fi and it should show the digi you hit.


On 7/4/2017 2:39 PM, Denny Phillips II wrote:
> This is my first post, so hope I am doing it right...
> I know I can't (I think) ping a digi like I can an IP. What I would 
> like to to is send a beacon through a specific digi before it gets to 
> an iGate.  I would like to test the coverage of a specific digi for an 
> upcoming bike ride that our ARES is doing comms for.  I could take my 
> 710g or 72a and run the course while hitting the specific digi (or 
> trying).  We are going to be using some Micro-Trak AIO units along 
> with other, but if I can verify where the unit will hit this mountain 
> top digi and where it will not, this will tell me if we need to do a 
> specific fill in digi.  During the ride, it will beacon as normal.  I 
> also want to make sure the digi will get RF to where our command post 
> will be because we will only be taking APRS data via RF.  No internet 
> support for the tracking program we are using.
> Thanks for all the help!!
> 73 W0DDP
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