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Scott Miller scott at opentrac.org
Mon Feb 13 13:29:16 EST 2017

My upcoming ADS-SR2 does DTMF decoding on 2 channels (should be 3 in the 
next hardware version) and has a BASIC scripting language.  If someone 
really wanted to, they could use it to configure their own APRS DTMF 
gateway using whatever format they wanted to set up.  And it doesn't 
have text-to-speech capability (yet, anyway) but it'll play WAV files so 
you can record numbers and letters and messages and have the unit 
respond back with a voice confirmation.


On 2/11/2017 9:00 AM, Robert Bruninga wrote:
> Since An APRStt (DTMF) transmission is converted to APRS at the local 
> VHF receiver, there is no need to encode the full DDMM.mmN/DDDMM.mmW 
> plus the ten digits needed for the callsign. (35 digits) when the VHF 
> receiver already knows where  it is, it already knows the DDMM and 
> DDDMM digits.  SO the DTMF user only needs the four mmmm digits to 
> give a precise position (60 feet)  report at a 1 mile event area such 
> as dayton.
> Or the Mm/Mm four digits to give 600 foot precision within 10 miles of 
> the repeater.
> By keeping the significant digits to 4, thusly, we can encode both the 
> callsign and relevant position in the 16 digits of most DTMF memories, 
> while still giving all APRS functiionality.
> Bob
> On Fri, Feb 10, 2017 at 8:37 AM, Bob Mueller <bob at funautical.com 
> <mailto:bob at funautical.com>> wrote:
>     I just read over:
>     http://aprs.org/aprstt.html
>     http://aprs.org/aprstt/aprstt-user.txt
>     <http://aprs.org/aprstt/aprstt-user.txt>
>     Are there any standard position formats as part of APRStt?  It
>     seems that the positions are only "proprietary" to the user.  By
>     using their own map grid or y,x position from a known fixed
>     point.  It does not appear that there is any way to encode a
>     lat/lon.  I don't see anything in the documentation that indicates
>     a maidenhead locator is resolved to lat/lon and then digipeated.
>     That leads me to my next question that I believe I already know
>     the answer to:  Is there any way to use APRStt to create APRS
>     objects?  It appears the answer is no.  As it only supports A, B,
>     C, D. Callsign, Position, Comment, Messages respectively.  No objects.
>     Please confirm that I have this correct and I'm not missing something.
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