[aprssig] APRS-IS 10152 Full feed and Messages

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Wed Feb 1 06:26:07 EST 2017

Telemetry info packets are message packets so the answer to your questions is "Yes".  Unfortunately, there are some authors that thought turning telemetry on as a default was a neat feature so the number of packets went up significantly for those applications.  I say "unfortunately" because many of them ignored the specification on the Telemetry data packet and decided they knew better that it really didn't mean an unsigned byte value for all of the analog values thereby making their data invalid.  Also, you might remember on this SIG a couple of years ago where an IGate software was streaming telemetry over RF rendering the RF frequency unusable (remember, too, that if a packet is seen on APRS-IS it must be assumed someone somewhere is trying to gate it to RF).

If you connect to a filtered port with the t/m filter, you will see confirmation of what I stated above regarding most messages today on APRS-IS are telemetry information packets.


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> Does the 10152 feed include all the messages?  I'm seeing lots of
> Telemetry info packets but almost no messages.  Does that seem right?
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