[aprssig] NMEA and WX stations

Miroslav Skoric skoric at uns.ac.rs
Fri Dec 15 06:47:05 EST 2017

Hello all,

Is it needed that a weather station (and/or any other device serving as 
WX stn in APRS) support some specific NMEA protocol (or standard or 
whatever)? I think that somebody here told something like that. In fact, 
from time to time I see some interesting device (a logger or sensor), 
which originally is not made for APRS, but unsure if it must support 
NMEA or something. (And sometimes a device producer is totally unaware 
of any NMEA format ...)

So, instead of blindly buying a device that might never work in APRS, 
what would be the good direction for a device producer? To give them the 
source code of an APRS program to see if their hardware is APRS 
compliant, or some other way ...?


Misko YT7MPB

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