[aprssig] It's Baaack BPL - Broadband Over Powerlines

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RF EE  with a touch of experience from the old BPL era weighs in...
That first article mentions 60 GHz backhaul and 60 HGz to the home. With those 30° sector antennas this implies line of sight back hall.
 That second article Echoes the old G-line transmission line concept of RF propagating on the outside of an insulated wire where it mentions the car parts store funnel launchers.
 I'm guessing that the reference in the article to HF is the journalistic technical term meaning "anything having to do with something called radio waves, whatever-the-hell they are".

  So, until I can call AT&T to see if I can get any specifics, it may either be 60 gigahertz line-of-sight or 60 gigahertz along the wires.

Regards, Steve K9DCI

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