[aprssig] WX data over Ethernet or Wi-Fi = Possible?

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Can you identify the makes and models of such weather sensors as you are considering? This sounds like an interesting addition for my APRS software, but I'd need to know the data format transferred over the TCP/IP connection from the weather sensor, and which end would initiate the connection.
Thanks in advance.
Andrew Pavlin, KA2DDOauthor of YAAC

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On 2017-12-12 12:15, Nick VA3NNW wrote:
> Miroslav Skoric wrote:
>> Having in mind that APRS software usually listen a WX device on a
>> serial RS232 port or USB, I wonder if someone managed to feed the APRS
>> software by using a temperature/humidity data logger equipped with
>> only Ethernet and/or WiFi connectivity.
> Straight to APRS-IS, sure. I'm not hitting the actual RF APRS at that
> point though. See http://noseynick.net/wx/noseywx.html - or more
> generally, "CWOP" http://www.wxqa.com/ - which includes a bunch of
> non-hams talking direct to APRS-IS, using APRS formats etc but again,
> not over RF.

I think Miroslav isn't talking about APRS -IS connectivity but actually
feeding APRS software with weather data from a device that does not have
a serial port.

Depending on what software is running and the type of device it's
running on this is possible.  There are a number of virtual serial port
programs for Windows and Mac that will create a connection to a remote
device over the network and present it as a serial port on the local
machine.  Linux systems can use a program called socat to accomplish the
same thing.

If the device running the APRS software can't run these virtual serial
port programs for whatever reason the alternative is to use a hardware
serial-to-ethernet bridge to establish the connection to the remote
weather logger and connect to the local computer via a real serial port.
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