[aprssig] APRS, AM radio and the solar Eclipse (Cloud Reporting)

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Fri Aug 18 18:24:34 EDT 2017

Reminder for APRS operators out in remote locations doing Eclipse stuff on

1) Set your radio’s SYMBOL to the SUNNY symbol (\U).  (for easy ID)

2) Once on location, maintain your STATUS to report your WX.  Something
like:   “Clouds 25% at 1015 EDT”

3) See where everyone is on FINDU.COM.

4) Watch for Balloons on 144.39 or 144.34, and on

5) Tune the HF bands, there is an ECLIPSE CONTEST going on…  Google it?

6) There are numerous other Ham experiments.  see: http://HamSCI.org

7) Do the AM radio experiment listed there by listening for the 13 clear
channel AM radio stations below near the path of totality.

8) CQ to others by sending a CQ via the CQSRVR.  Send message to CQSRVR and
begin text with CQ ECLIPSE… and your report. Update your CQ MSG every 30
mins (that’s the limit).  The ANSRVR des the same thing but has no time
limit.  Once you see other calls from their CQSRVR or ANSRVR messages, then
you can message one-on-one to them by callsign.

  kHz CALL    Location          Eclipse UTC
------ -------  ----------------  --------------
  650 WSM   Nashville, TN   18:28
  670 KBOI    Boise, ID          17:27
  750 WSB    Atlanta, GA      18:36
  840 WHAS Louisville, KY    18:27
  880 KRVN  Lexington, NE  17:57
1030 KTWO Casper, WY      17:43
1040 WHO   DesMoines, IA 18:08
1110 KFAB   Omaha, NE       18:04
1110 WBT   Charlotte, NC   18:41
1120 KPNW Eugene, OR      17:17
1120 KMOX St. Louis, MO   18:18
1190 KEX      Portland, OR    17:19
1510 WLAC  Nashville, TN   18:28

Bob Bruninga, WB4APR at amsat.org

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