[aprssig] APRS + POCSAG - Project

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Thu Aug 17 12:44:35 EDT 2017

OK, you got APOCSG

Good project!


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Wb4APR-Bob, et al

Hello folks - Good day all;

Some of you might recall a couple of my email/updates on the topic of APRS
+ POCSAG from a few months ago and the following two videos.

https://youtu.be/s5w3i0b00Iw (most recent one)

https://youtu.be/BLQyw_SbzMU (much older)

Last couple of weeks, I have been designing a simple APRS+POCSAG platform
(s/w + ham h/w) to demonstrate an APRS message driven POCSAG paging
service.  I am not quite there yet to showcase a working demo, but, hoping
to have a video ready to share in the next 2 weeks.

*Bob, *

I need your help.  I need a “TOCALL” destination call sign setup in your
APRS Apps Catalog for this POCSAG project (like the one you had setup for
my “STPO” app).   Shall we call it, “*POCSAG*” or, “*PAGER*” or “*APRSPAG*”.
Any suggestions






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