[aprssig] Satellite Reporter V1.1 (update)

Andrew Rich vk4tec at internode.on.net
Sun Aug 13 05:50:13 EDT 2017



Satellite Reporter V1.1 has been released.


Since V1.0 there has been continuous improvements


1.	The system looks back 60 minutes not the hour now for system logs
and stats
2.	The system has auto restart and reboot scripts from non activity
3.	The system has html access logs and disk usage
4.	The system can now take manual entries
5.	Scripts and files are backed up at 3 am 
6.	A satellite map of ISS was added
7.	Statistics are chopped off and only show the last 24 hours
8.	The background of the dashboard turns green if active in the last 60
mins and red if not.
9.	This all runs on a little raspberry pi sitting in the corner with
just the power lead hooked into it.
10.	The main screen was dumped and the system goes straight into the ISS
11.	I can add email alerts to those that want it , either at the moment,
hourly , daily or weekly summaries
12.	A list of stations heard in the last 60 minutes scrolls across the
top of the log 
13.	Open to suggestions - send me an email 
14.	Times are AEST ( GMT+10) for the time being so I can debug.
15.	Let me know If you want to add in any other satellites.


Work in progress


Andrew Rich VK4TEC 

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