[aprssig] THD74 first impressions

la3qma at aprs.la la3qma at aprs.la
Thu Aug 10 12:57:02 EDT 2017

Den 10.08.2017 13:51, skrev Andrew Rich:
> Hello
> I recently purchased a Kenwood THD74A with the intent of running it as
> a satgate and also do some connected packet as well.
> I saw it only had KISS, yeah ok.
> I saw it could do kiss on USB or Bluetooth.
> I tried to get the most popular and basic program ui-view to talk to
> the HT , no joy

I stopped using UI-View several years ago as its not 100% the "new" 
I know that you can change parameters in the ini file for digipeater 
mode and regular use.

Anyhow using UI-View in KISS mode with TH-D74 is working if you 
configure your PC correct with UI-View.

I have tried xastir, aprsisce, sartrack, winlink, aprx, aprsc, PAT 
(cross platform Winlink client) and they work fine in USB and BT mode.
(winlink only in BT mode after forcing the radio back in KISS but this 
is not the radios fault)

Enable UI-View in KISS mode, put your radio in KISS mode and use the 
correct comport.

> Neither on windows 10 via blue tooth or USB did I get a connection.

BT you need to "pair" your PC and you then get two "serial ports" one 
for the TNC and one for audio, select the correct.

> So I have now sold my nice shiny new THD74A because Kenwood missed the
> mark with a simple usable TNC with a command prompt.

Simpler than KISS mode is difficult but i agree that they should not 
have removed the TNC2 mode but include both.

Use APRSISCE much better maps and pretty up to date regarding the APRS 

73 de LA3QMA
Kai Gunter

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