[aprssig] THD74 first impressions

Andrew Rich vk4tec at internode.on.net
Thu Aug 10 07:51:13 EDT 2017



I recently purchased a Kenwood THD74A with the intent of running it as a
satgate and also do some connected packet as well.


I saw it only had KISS, yeah ok.


I saw it could do kiss on USB or Bluetooth.


I tried to get the most popular and basic program ui-view to talk to the HT
, no joy


Neither on windows 10 via blue tooth or USB did I get a connection.


I then worked out that you can output received packets via the USB, ok and
it is also mixed in with radio messages about the squelch.


So I had APRS RX only packets mixed in with Radio command messages.


Sort of what I wanted.


I tried KISS with UI-VIEW UI-VIEW just hangs


So I have now sold my nice shiny new THD74A because Kenwood missed the mark
with a simple usable TNC with a command prompt.


I have had aTHD72 and that had a workable TNC


What has kenwood done ?


It works great stand alone but falls down when you try and connect it to a



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