[aprssig] APRS, AM radio and the solar Eclipse (Cloud Reporting)

Peter Laws N5UWY n5uwy at arrl.net
Sun Aug 6 14:51:32 EDT 2017

On Thu, Aug 3, 2017 at 7:55 AM, Robert Bruninga <bruninga at usna.edu> wrote:
> Subject: APRS, AM radio and the solar Eclipse (Cloud Reporting)
> If you are portable on ECLIPSE day, keep your APRS object updated.
> If you are in the Totality band , please use the SUNNY (\U) symbol to make
> it easy to identify special Eclipse stations, and update your STATUS text
> frequently as to your CLOUD cover.   NWS says some 65% ? of us will be
> blocked by clouds and so a last minute race to a clear area might be
> important.  (if you can move at all).
> A Status like “Clouds 25% at 1015.” fits nicely on the 10x10 line popup
> display on APRS HT’s.

I plan to be in or very close to the Path Of Totality and don't have
an APRS setup ... HOWEVER, this post prompted me to look at the
documentation that came with my ID-51A+ HT.  I know, right?

Anyway, it appears that in addition to position reports, the ID-51A+
(and probably other GPS-equipped Icoms) can send a range of symbols,
including \U, as well as a brief text as you suggest, into APRS-IS via

HOPEFULLY, the D-STAR repeater near where I will be (Columbia/Jeff
City, MO) has the ability to relay D-PRS messages (I think most do -
ours does).

My radio is currently set to send -5 as the SSID (because D-PRS and I
don't see other stuff on the radio).  Should we do a special SSID for
the Eclipse?

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