[aprssig] FTM-350 GPS unit

John Lay jlay at laysonline.com
Wed Apr 12 21:06:00 EDT 2017

I put the head unit directly on the dash of my Surburan 
It picks up very well here. 
Sun visor seems to be blocked based upon visual inspection only a long term drive test would tell 
It does work better than my sat radio but GPS uses more satellites 
John , W4XML

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John Lay
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> On Apr 12, 2017, at 6:39 PM, david vanhorn <kc6ete at gmail.com> wrote:
> Looking for experience with mounting the FTM-350 up high in the cab.
> The best spot I've found so far is above the visor, which will put the radio rather high, with the metal roof overhanging.  I know it would be better down on the dash, but that's not likely to happen. 
> Will the GPS pick up acceptably well?  Is there a way to remote it?
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