[aprssig] APRS Museum Ship Radio Project?

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Mon Apr 10 11:32:17 EDT 2017

The SS John Brown Liberty ship is docked in Baltimore and makes about two
cruises a year.

Here is a virtual tour of the Radio Room:


I hope to put APRS on it, but since the current radio club supporting it
also intends to operate the original 1940’s class transmitter on CW, I’m
wondering what we could do to “antique APRS”?

Of course, we will still transmit a VHF beacon so the ship can be tracked
on  APRS.FI…

But Im thinking of a CW keying of the LAT/LONG on a fixed HF frequency when
underway.  Cute project.  But until I retire, I wont have the time…

One idea is a 10W HF xtal XMTR on the 30m band…  I don’t think just making
a keying signal that can be patched in place of the antique radio’s key
will work, since the operator will be wall-to-wall contesting while

anyway, just a lunch hour musing… if somebody ELSE wants to have another

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