[aprssig] Florida APRS Nazi

Steve Dimse steve at dimse.com
Sat Apr 8 22:52:48 EDT 2017

Anyone know AD4ZU? I have nothing archived with his call, and he didn't recognize me, so I don't think he's on here. But he sure is sure of himself, and he sure is full of himself. Sort of like me, but without the bona-fides. ;-)

He claims to be some sort of self-appointed king of APRS on the west coast of Florida. I'm passing through to visit my mother on the way to my summer volunteer gig on the Oregon Coast and got a very rude email berating me for using both iPhone and RF to send my position. He told me I should only use REAL APRS not the internet, use 50 watts (I do), a good antenna (I do, but since directly behind it is a fifth wheel RV it is a tad directional!), send every two minutes (instead of the 5 I'm using), and turn off smart beaconing (D700 here so not even an option to turn it on). He said it was inappropriate for me to use an SSID other than 9 for a mobile station. He even offered to help me program my radio to fix my ignorance.

You can imagine how my reply went!

Anyway, just thought I'd mention this to suggest that if anyone sees something they disagree with on the air and decides to make contact, please do it nicely! 

Steve K4HG

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