[aprssig] Maximum APRS Packet Lengths and 3rd party use?

Jim Alles kb3tbx at gmail.com
Wed Nov 30 18:06:53 EST 2016

On Wed, Nov 30, 2016 at 3:02 PM, Scott <scott23192 at gmail.com> wrote:
As a novice, could I trouble the group for the correct filter syntax to
block *TCPIP* from being iGated?
And while we're at it, if there are any other filters that should "always"
be included in any iGate setup, those would of course be welcome as well.
Many thanks!
-Scott,  K4KDR
Montpelier, VA  USA

first, a bit of 'netiquette', it is considered more polite, and it makes it
clearer in keeping track of E-mail threads, if the Subject line reflects
what the question is. It might be considered hijacking, otherwise. I
realize from your second message that there was some connection, for you.

In a perfect world, Pete's statements are 100% accurate.

I would clarify his use of the word 'filter' with this statement:
"In essence, a server-side filter is a "subscription" to see the specified
data in addition to the default APRS messaging support."
from here: http://www.aprs-is.net/javaprsfilter.aspx

However, there is at this time an APRS software package that appears to be
not working properly. And provides the use of other, blocking-type filters

So we will need to define your use of the word 'filter', and it would be
very helpful to know what software package you are using.

As far as server-side (filter) subscriptions, there are none required for
an IGate, and it is strongly recommended to start out with that field
blank, in your IGate client.
What might go in there is a very limited list of 'buddies' who might get
VIP treatment for some reason. Or very specific weather alerts. But you
need to learn a lot about that before swamping the RF side of things.


Jim A.

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