[aprssig] Maximum APRS Packet Lengths

Jim Alles kb3tbx at gmail.com
Wed Nov 30 09:24:51 EST 2016

> VX8R: maybe 80 characters
> ​ummm I own one, sorry for the lack of fact checking.
​from the ​manual: Available length is up to 67 characters.

> Hint: I think the right answer is 67 *bytes* per message, and I think it
> would be good for applications to handle that cut-off better than to just
> stop responding to key presses, be it via line breaks or Twitter-esque
> feedback on length limits.

​Thank you for making a very important distinction clear, that will be
important going forward! Again I apologize for being slop​py (Is it my
fault I remember it as being 80-columns?)!

#1) I vote for the shorter, cleaner, human readable, third party format

Jim A.
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