[aprssig] APRS DAY - Today and Wed! VoiceAlert Preps!

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Tue Nov 22 19:35:56 EST 2016

Remember, today and tomorrow are the PRIME APRS Voice Alert days.

While traveling, set your APRS (Mobiles ONLY!) channel to CTCSS 100 so you
can be alerted to any other APRS traveler in Voice Simplex range on 144.39

And set your beacon to Proportional Pathing at 1 minute rate.  This way,
when meeting an oncoming interstate traveler (140 MPH combined speed, over
2 miles a minute ) you may at least hear 3 or 3 possible pings.

If you are beaconing only once every 3 minutes, (some smart beaconing) you
may only hear one possible packet within 6 miles (usually beyond simplex
range) and you will be like ships passing in the night.

If you do NOT have proportional pathing and want to set 1 minute operation
for this special day of travel, at least cut your path back to only one hop

FIXED stations should NEVER set their APRS packet station to Voice Alert
since the last thing mobiles want to hear is PINGS from unattended
stations.  It gets them all excited, but no one then answers them…

If you want to monitor at home for travelers in range, USE A NON PACKET
RADIO with CTCSS 100 set. (ie, you are not also beaconing packets with
CTCSS on them)…

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