[aprssig] IGATE message routing bug?

Lee Bengston lee.bengston at gmail.com
Sun Nov 20 10:35:14 EST 2016

On Sun, Nov 20, 2016 at 9:13 AM, Jim Alles <kb3tbx at gmail.com> wrote:


> I wish we had more details on Bob's operating environment when he noticed
> the issue.
> ​Existing problems:​
> ​1. Bob not getting INTO ANSVR.
> 2. The guy with the satellite link.​
> ​3.​ Not having access to the configuration parameters, when they are
> hard-coded.
> 4. getting my IGate client instance to work the way I want it to, within
> reason and to support the entire community.
> ​I do realize that it is the desire to deal with these kinds of issues
> that motivated you to re-write your own client.​ And that I might have to
> do the same, if I can't get anyone to help.
> My first step is not to describe how to do it, but allow for the
> possibility in the design document.
> ​I think it's been pretty clear for a while now what the cause of Bob's
messaging issue is.  IGates are either using purely distance to determine
what stations will receive messages, or they if they are using hop count
they are still relying on position packets one way or another.​

​ Sending messages with suggested changes to IS server connections without
clarifying which problem you're trying to solve just muddies the waters or
as Kenneth said, sends things "off in the weeds".  Number 3 and 4 are not
specific enough to identify what the potential issues are in order to look
for a solution.  Based on previous posts, #4 = "I don't like the fact that
the IS server sends me stations that are further away than I want to see
and not in my filter, and my IGate software displays them on the map when I
don't want them displayed there".

Lee - K5DAT
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