[aprssig] Turn-key IGate

Stephen H. Smith wa8lmf2 at aol.com
Mon Mar 28 14:24:58 EDT 2016

Here's another ready-to-run igate device.

I just had an inquiry about a page on my website from a German ham.  Turns out 
he is also manufacturing an "igate/digipeater" appliance, that can optionally 
include internally-mounted 1 watt 2M and 70cm transceiver modules and an 
internal diplexer.    I.e. all you need is IP, 12 VDC and a 2M/UHF antennna.

The device has a 6-pin mini-DIN connector that can plug directly into a radio 
and supply 300 baud or 1200 baud tones.   You can DHCP or hardwire the device's 
IP port.  It has a built-in OLED display that can show status and even 
waterfall displays of the 1200 or 300 baud audio.   It can also support 
external KISS TNCs brought in on a 9-pin serial port.   The unit can be 
configured and monitored remotely by pointing a web browser at the device's IP 
address.  Even has support for dynamic DNS services!

The web site is a somewhat chaotic mix of English and German:


The store area is on a related website (all in German) at:


A manual in English is available here:



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