[aprssig] OT: IOT Gone Too Far

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Sat Mar 26 13:17:51 EDT 2016

Smile.  It's all you've got.

I joked some time ago that in the future, on one of your days off, you'd awake to a melted toaster and a puddle of hot, brown water because you didn't put bread and the pot in place the night before.

Why are the cycles on the clothes drier NOT the same as those on the washer!?

Some engineer writing code in a cubicle across the country/world is not smarter than me and my needs. ( and I'm an engineer)...

We went from the "Information Age" to the "Sound Bite Age" as we slide into the "You can't do a f***ing thing for yourself Age"
/clear rant flag/

Regards, Steve Noskowicz
Science & Technical Advisor
You know that sea of entropy we were going to drown in?  Well, upon closer examination, it turns out to be stupidity. 
From my tablet.

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>> The Internet is an unfriendly place. It's certainly no place for appliances.
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